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Disney Will Not Bring Back James Gunn For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3

After weeks of speculation, the Disney Company will stand by its judgement and will not rehire Guardians director James Gunn.

Variety reports that the director and his management team met with Disney’s Alan Horn earlier this week to discuss the possibility of him returning to close out his trilogy. While the meeting was apparently “civil and professional,” Horn wouldn’t budge and refused to give Gunn another chance.

Sources say Marvel’s Kevin Feige was out of town and thus, unable to attend the meeting. And though he was one of the key players pushing for Disney to rehire Gunn, he ultimately stands by the studio’s decision and respects it. From what we understand, once the super producer’s back in Los Angeles, the search for a new director will commence and though Variety isn’t sure whether this will push back production, it’s likely that it will.

As for the script, sources still believe that Gunn’s original screenplay will be used, but neither Disney nor Marvel have commented on the situation just yet. That being said, we can’t imagine they’ll throw out his work, lest they risk a full-on riot from fans and Dave Bautista.

Who should take over the directors reigns from Gunn? Let us know in the comments.

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