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An Update on ‘Tron’ (Exclusive)

Over the course of the last year or so, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding Disney’s plans with the Tron franchise, and we figured we should update everyone with what’s going.

Earlier this year, it was revealed a Tron series from John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) for Disney+ was scrapped. It is unknown why the studio decided to scrap the project, we heard it was due to cost and Disney’s enthusiasm for bringing the world of Tron back to the big screen.

A couple of months back, our trusted source informed us that a Tron reboot with Jared Leto is still in the works with a director search underway. Now, that is not the most significant update I’ve heard. From what I’ve been told, the film is expected to be more of Tron sequel rather than a reboot, and the cast from Tron: Legacy could return. It is unknown at this time if the film will follow the same story as the canceled third Tron film, Tron: Ascension, which would have seen the machine world of The Grid invade the real world. That was also rumored to have featured a character called Ares.

Another question we are constantly asked is, will Daft Punk return to do the music? Daft Punk’s score was a highlight from Legacy, with their futuristic/electronic musical style helped bring the world to life. It’s unknown but Light the Fuse podcast spoke with Mitchell Leib, the President of Music & Soundtracks at Disney, and he spoke about working with Daft Punk on Tron: Legacy and how he has already had early talks with the group about returning for a third film in the franchise. None of the intel in Disney Insider’s report comes from it, but there are lots of good supporting materials in the interview.

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We have heard multiple directors in the mix but nothing we can confirm as of yet.

While the original 1982 version of the film, starring Jeff Bridges, was met with a cult following, it’s 2010 sequel was met with mixed reviews. Despite bringing back Bridges, Tron: Legacy didn’t seem to resonate with critics, many stating the film and its characters lacked emotion and substance. However, the film was financially profitable for Disney, and it too has gained its own following, and fans have been clamoring for another film, and don’t worry… you’ll get one.

More is sure to come out, so stick with us and we’ll be sure to get you more information.

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