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Disney Reportedly Cancels ‘DuckTales’ After Three Seasons

It looks after three great seasons, Disney XD has decided not to move forward on a fourth season of DuckTales, which relaunched in 2017.

The news comes from our friend and Collider’s Associate Editor, Drew Taylor, who took to Twitter to share the news after the hashtag #RenewDuckTales2017 began trending.

I love seeing the #RenewDuckTales2017 hashtag but regretfully inform you that the show is very much done and has been done for a little while now. Not sure why Disney Channel has yet to announce this, but it’s the truth.

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Taylor also added that the show’s offices have been shuttered for some time, and a majority of the show’s crucial creative team have already moved onto new projects. Disney has yet to confirm the news, which is odd, but you could call Drew Taylor a “Disney Insider” himself as he is also a reliable source of information when it comes to movies/series at the Walt Disney Company.

Some insiders are saying the cancelation was due to low viewership, which is not shocking as Disney XD isn’t Disney’s biggest television channel, as Disney Channel and Disney Junior both see higher numbers. That said, those numbers could start to decline as Disney+ is becoming the main focus for the company, with the streamer developing new original movies and series for families of all ages. I mean a Darkwing Duck reboot is in the works for Disney+, why not continue DuckTales there? Guess we will have to wait and see.

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