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‘Nimona’ Casting Revealed; Film May Still Be Released

Blue Sky’s unfinished film Nimona may end up hitting screens after all. According to Collider, Blue Sky heads are looking for a way to finish and distribute the film with a different studio following its initial cancellation.

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Last month, it was announced that Blue Sky Studios, the animation company under the Fox brand, would be shutting down. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the studio will be dissolved in April.

With the studio closing, it was also announced that Nimona, their upcoming film, would be left unfinished, despite being 75% complete. We have since learned that, in an innovative move, the film was to depict a same-sex relationship between two of the major characters, including a same-sex kiss- the first ever in an animated film from Disney.

The lead in the film was also a gender non-conforming female, whom Collider has learned was to be voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz. According to their sources, she has already recorded around half of her lines for the film. In further casting news, actor Riz Ahmed would be voicing Blackheart, a male lead who is in a romantic relationship with Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin.

Though they have been looking for another studio to distribute the film, nothing has been confirmed at this point and the fate of Nimona is still to be determined.

Nimona is based on webcomic and graphic novel by Noelle Stevenson.

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