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First Look: Upcoming Marvel Themed ‘Avengers Campus’ Coming to Disneyland Resort

One day after the successful reopening of the Disneyland Resort, Disney Parks treated fans to a bevy of first-look images for the upcoming Marvel-themed Avengers Campus coming to Disney California Adventure on June 4th. The Disney Parks Blog post also provided some new stories regarding the land, along with the announcement that the word ‘campus’ is actually an acronym for Centralized Assemb- you know what, no, we are not going to help make this a thing. We love the detail, we just can’t be expected to remember a six word acronym in the middle of a pandemic. 

Disney released photos of a new decorative feature surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! On the concrete surrounding the Collector’s Fortress, the cement appears to have multicolored (cosmic disruptive) ooze squeezing up through cracks in the ground. We have seen video of this part of the park and, thankfully, the ooze is dried. However way you feel about this addition, you can’t deny that it helps in continuing to distinguish Guardians from the previous Tower of Terror.

A sign for Terran Treats food cart was revealed, along with information about a churro with ‘unexpected flavors.’ Call me old fashion, but I like to know what my food is going to taste like, however, with the popularity of things like ‘every flavored beans,’ this will surely be a hit with more adventurous guests.

The beverage and condiment station inside the Ant-Man themed restaurant looks amazing, with the oversized soda cans, ketchup, and mustard hanging over guests.

The Doctor Strange themed Ancient Sanctum will feature the Orb of Cagliostro, which looks cool during the day, but will, apparently, really come alive at night.

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The rest of the photos are of various landmarks, including the Avengers Headquarters, WEB (Worldwide Engineering Brigade… another acronym) building, and some artwork around the WEB building, including an amazing graffiti wall that will provide as a backdrop to countless Instagram photos once this land opens.

That will happen on June 4th, 2021, and we will be covering the opening here at The DisInsider.

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