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Walt Disney World: Face Masks No Longer Required for Most Areas Starting June 15th

Heightened health protocols continue to evolved at Walt Disney World in Florida as vaccination rates continue to climb and new covid-19 cases, deaths, and hospitalizations continue to fall. A big change was just announced for the central Florida resort, dropping one of the biggest mandates starting next week.

Beginning Tuesday, June 15th, guests are no longer required to wear face masks at Walt Disney World indoors, with the exception of transportation. On June 5th, the local guidance established by Florida’s Orange County updated their mask policy, removing the requirement from their recommendations. (Side note, yes, both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California are located in counties with the same name, Orange County. Different state, opposite coasts, same county name.)

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It was nearly one month ago, May 15th, when Walt Disney World dropped their outdoor mask mandate, allowing guests to remove their face masks in outdoor locations. This was a huge change for the resort, even as they continued to mandate masks at all indoor locations and on every attraction.

Walt Disney World consists of four theme parks, two water parks, and over two dozen hotels in Central Florida

The upcoming change will allow guests to go maskless in nearly all locations at Walt Disney World. The only exception will be transportation where guests are seated near other guests for extended periods of time, this includes Disney buses, Disney Skyliner, and on the monorail. Guests will need to wear approved face coverings when using these services.

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The CDC recommends those who are not vaccinated to continue to wear masks when in public and Disney asks guests who are not vaccinated to continue to wear face coverings, however, they will not require proof of vaccination. Continuing the social experiment of asking the public to be honest about their vaccination status.

Walt Disney World’s entire enhanced safety guidelines are available here.

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