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REPORT: Disney+ Looking To Ditch The Weekly Episode Model For Some Shows

Just yesterday we shared with you news that Disney+ will begin dropping brand new episodes of its original series on Wednesdays. We now have news that the streamer is considering ditching the weekly episode model altogether.

We know this because of a recent fan-only survey. According to the site Streamr, which either received the survey or was made aware of it by an undisclosed source, the survey consisted of one particular question that hinted at Disney’s interest in the idea. The question was in regards to the recent John Stamos series Big Shot which, despite positive reviews, doesn’t appear to be gaining the desired traction.

The question was, “If new episodes of Big Shot were released all at once (instead of one each week) do you think you would have watched more episodes, the same amount of episodes, or fewer episodes?”

While this question alone does not mean that Disney certainly will switch to the binge model, it implies that the idea is not entirely off the table. If not for some of its most bankable shows, certainly for its smaller ones.

Even though Disney+ kind of reintroduced audiences to the way that we used to consume content weekly, since the birth of streaming, binge-watching has slowly become the new normal. So it’s only natural that the company finds a way to make it work on its platform. To be honest, it’s already doing that with its ‘FX on Hulu’ programming block.

There is an argument to be had about Netflix oddly adapting a hybrid approach recently – having some episodes premiere immediately and others drop days or weeks later – however, the idea of being able to watch all of something now rather than later will always win. While Disney doesn’t have nearly enough original content to compete now, it will soon. Perhaps then, we’ll see the streamer make the switch for good.

Source: Streamr