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Exclusive: Big Shot Season 2 Storylines & Marketing Details

Big Shot may have only just finished its first season, but we can already share with you some plot lines that are currently being considered for season two. These exclusive details were kindly shared with me by Mo, who runs StreamrNews.

Before we get into the plotlines, Mo’s source also informed him that the second season would have more guest stars, more mature storylines, and fewer episodes than the first season’s ten. We currently have no information on who could guest star in the series except that Disney wants “big-name” stars.

As for the mature storylines, one of the plotlines being considered is a deeper look into Maryvyn’s dating life which has already had its groundwork laid out in season one.

More LGBTQ+ storylines are being discussed, and even the possibility of an additional LGBT character. If a third character is introduced, then it might spell trouble for Mouse and Harper. The introduction of new team members is also being considered, so maybe this new character will be the proposed LGBT character.

As previously mentioned, the second season might have fewer episodes, although I can’t say how many. We can say that Big Shot is one of the scripted series being considered for a one-day launch in which the whole season would be made available all at once, so subscribers can binge it as they please. This would be a big departure from Disney+’s current method of releasing the majority of its original content weekly.

The marketing may be a bit more obvious, too, since season one slipped under most people’s radars. Disney is considering a bigger and more targeted promotional campaign that would include Twitter hashflags for the show’s characters.

The first season is now available on Disney+ in its entirety and the second season is currently in pre-production.

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