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‘Y: The Last Man’ Might Return For A Second Season

The adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s graphic novel in which every mammal with a Y chromosome is simultaneously killed, all except for Yorick and his pet monkey, Ampersand, that is.

The series had been festering in development hell since July 2007 when New Line Cinema acquired the rights to adapt it into a film. But by 2010 these plans were changed into a series format.

Finally, FX would begin developing the show in late 2015, but it wouldn’t be until 2018 when FX would officially greenlight the series.

The first three episodes of Y: The Last Man finally debuted on September 13th as a part of the FX on Hulu line-up.

Olivia Thirlby in Y: The Last Man.

Starring Diane Lane, Ashley Romans, Ben Schnetzer, and Olivia Thirlby, the series was met with mostly positive reviews with the performances and the inclusive attitude towards gender identity receiving great praise.

But despite these positive responses, Disney unceremoniously cancelled the series before the first season had even finished airing.

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But TheStreamr has gained exclusive information that Disney may be thinking of reversing their decision!

With Disney spending $8 billion to expand their content worldwide, plus the conversations surrounding a “mature section” on Disney+ in the States, it would make perfect sense to continue a well-received show which they’ve already started.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the primary reason behind Y: The Last Man’s cancellation was due to the options on the cast expiring on October 15th, 2021. And with cast options already extended several times due to COVID-related delays, FX simply was not going to pay an additional $3 million to further extensions.

Ben Schnetzer as Yorick in Y: The Last Man.

The Streamr states that if Disney does decide to revive the series then it will go ahead without the involvement of the FX division, thus droppings its “FX on Hulu” branding and instead go for the simpler “Hulu Original”.

The branding likely won’t affect international audiences very much, since the series is already a Star+ Original in Latin America; a Star Original in territories with the Disney+ Star section, and Disney+ Hotstar Original in specific Asian countries.

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However, Canada may be affected since all FX series debut on FX Canada due to licensing agreements. If Disney goes ahead without FX then it may become a Star Original on Disney+. But this is simply a guess.

As previously reported by The Disinsider on behalf of our friends at The Streamr, Disney is toiling with the idea of dropping entire seasons of certain shows in one go. If Y: The Last Man does return for another season, then it could possibly follow this release method.

Source: TheStreamr

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