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Da Funk? TRON: Legacy Tops Dance/Electronic Charts

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Over a decade later, Daft Punk achieves No. 1 status with the TRON: Legacy. A two-disk vinyl re-release via Target pulled off that trick.

11-years later, Daft Punk is back on top with the TRON 2 soundtrack

In sincere truth (and admiration), is NOT my first stop for story ideas. But hey, live and learn. And when it comes to TRON, today is the day.

It says here, “Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Tops Dance/Electronic Charts 11 Years After Release; the release of a new Daft Punk collectible has pushed the duo’s album back to the top of the charts.”

What “Da funk,” Indeed.

But here we are.

Cameron Sunkel wrote:

Nearly 11 years ago to the day, Daft Punk‘s famed Tron: Legacy soundtrack debuted atop Billboard‘s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Now, as 2021 draws to a close, the album has once again found its way to #1.


“As if that wasn’t an impressive enough testament to the diehard loyalty of the Daft Punk fandom, the sales data validates that 94% of the 10,000 album units sold between December 10th through the 16th were physical copies,” they wrote. “To uncover what’s driving the sudden 1,364% uptick from the prior period, we need look no further than the release of the new transparent blue and clear editions of the vinyl print, which just recently went on sale. As with the 2010 original vinyl release, the new edition arrived as a Target exclusive.”

Hey, we agree with the sentiment. I purchased the original soundtrack and an additional disk back in the day.

These days, it looks like I am listening to YouTube until I can get back to Target to enjoy the vinyl.

BTW: Since we’re in the mood, I want to remind everyone who is in, near, or will go to Vancouver to head downtown and look up.

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