Indy 5: One Month Left in Filming, Tweets Mangold…

Indiana Jones 5 Director James Mangold says there’s only a month left in principal photography

File Under: Late to the Party.

In the credit where credit is due department, ScreenRant’s Rachel Romean typed it up, and I hit snooze. C’est la vie.

But here we are two days later and with me wanting to give an update on Indiana Jones.

So, the news is this: Indiana Jones 5 has just about a month left in principle photography.

How does ScreenRant know this? How do we know this? Well, James Mangold — you know, like, the director of the shoot — told us.

So what, you say? It’s not coming out until 2023.

BUT, my friends, it is coming out, and good ol’ Harrison Ford must be doing his best to keep things a-moving after his injury derailed the production (and release date?) 3/4 through 2021.

There’s been enough in the way of photo leaks (and such) to give us a good idea about the shoot, what with the crew roaming across Europe. Numerous delays, health breakdowns, and Harrison’s shoulder injury have kept Indy fanatics on their toes.

Now, Mangold hasn’t exactly been quiet.

And at no time did he even suggest defeat. Meanwhile, he has spoken with fans via social media throughout the process. Moreover, the director has asked fans to hold out on making judgments about the film until they actually see the finished product.

Image: Lucasfilm

However, from this seat, sitting in a quiet, darkened kitchen dreaming of a COVID-tamed summer of 2023, seeing Indy punch Nazis trying to steal back rocket science (if not more) seems perfect.

More than perfect, it seems sublime. Especially when I think about taking all three of my boys to see Indiana Jones on the big screen.

Add in Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Toby Jones, and Antonio Banderas (and maybe Karen Allen), and I’m thinking we should take Mr. Mangold up on his suggestion.

Possible Spoilers Ahead

ScreenRant did a nice job synopsizing what we’ve heard about the film. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, click away.





Still here, good.

Romean posted:

Indiana Jones

Rumor has it that the film will take place in the late 60’s, sometime shortly before the Apollo 11 moon landing. A while back, James Mangold hinted on Twitter that the movie would take place in 1960’s New York City. Actor Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, Rogue One) is allegedly playing a Nazi scientist hired by NASA to put a man on the moon, lending even more credence to the ‘space race’ theory. Set photos indicated the re-emergence of the Nazis, so Indiana Jones will presumably be on hand to foil their dastardly plans.

There’s also hints at a time travel subplot, too. But, you know, it’s late and I am on a high thinking about the possibilities.

Can you hear the music? Me too.

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