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RUMOR: New Post-Sequel ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy In Development, Could Revolve Around New Jedi Order

The Rise of Skywalker was just the beginning…

During the latest episode of The Ringer-Verse podcast, it was revealed by former Vanity Fair reporter Joanna Robinson that there is a desire to make a Star Wars trilogy that picks up right where Episode IX left off. More specifically, Robinson said that there where rumblings of Disney actively exploring a full post-sequel trilogy.

The trilogy would potentially focus on creating a new Jedi Order that embraces emotional attachments in an attempt to set itself a part from the one that previously collapsed.

A respected and credible reporter, there doesn’t seem any reason to doubt Robinson’s “scoop”. Plus, with most of the planned projects being set in the past, it seemed inevitable that Lucasfilm would continue following its most important characters to move the franchise forward.

Despite Luke Skywalker’s best efforts, we saw the previous Jedi Order collapse in The Last Jedi. However, when we last saw Rey in The Rise of Skywalker she was wielding both the Skywalker surname and a yellow lightsaber, hinting that she’s now a Sentinel of sorts. For those unfamiliar with Sentinels in the Star Wars universe, they believe that the force isn’t the answer to everything.

Could that be the philosophy that paves the way for the new planned Jedi Order? We’ll just have to see.

As always, because there is no official confirmation from Disney or Lucasfilm, we urge you to take this news with a grain of salt.

In any case, what would you like to see happen in a post-sequel Star Wars trilogy? Let us know down below! Be sure to follow The DisInsider for more Disney-centric news daily!

SOURCE: The Ringer-Verse

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