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“What have we here?” Secret Star Wars in Development?

Reports say there’s a new series on the way; a secret series set to expand Star Wars lore….

Many, many fans hope to expand the Star Wars canon beyond the current three trilogies.

Moreover, while the current Disney+ series certainly expand The Saga, many of the stories’ beats rely on well-known characters.

However, recent rumblings speak to a new era coming to the small screen.

Possible spoilers ahead…





Still here? Good.

Secret Star Wars

On Valentine’s Day, adding details to the previous reporting by several well-known outlets including Bespin Bulletin, Cinelinx, and Murphy’s Multiverse, The Illuminerdi reported on Valentine’s Day:

There have been a ton of rumors about potential Star Wars series, but it seems Lucasfilm has kept at least one new series largely under wraps. However, we’ve been doing some digging, especially after the Cinelinx and Bespin Bulletin reports earlier this month, and we have found some intriguing casting information about a Star Wars series that seems to still be largely shrouded in mystery.

Rumored Characters

An unknown series is said to include:

  • Wyatt – Yearns for adventure, heroism, 11-years old.
  • Ned – Wyatt’s shy friend, a “boy scout” type, with a big heart, 11-years old.
  • Faye – she or they are 12-years old, a headstrong rebel.
  • Kylie – Faye’s good friend. Smart, focused, logical – hard to get to know; she’s also 12.
  • And a 30 to 40-year-old man – not many clues about this character.

Here’s your homework to learn more about the possibility of a series, working under the name “Grammar Rodeo” that might be set in the High Republic Era and could be described as “Stranger Things in space.”


The Illuminerdi


Bespin Bulletin

Meanwhile, The Illumninerdi points out, “The High Republic era initially began as a publishing initiative, but there have been rumors of expanding it to Disney Plus for some time… The highly anticipated series The Acolyte is dipping into this era with the series being set at the end of this period. If this is a live-action High Republic series it will be exploring an era of Star Wars that has never been seen on-screen opening up a ton of new story possibilities.”

Always In Motion

Of course, Yoda said, “always in motion is the future.”

And since we love trying to track down the facts about your favorite Star Wars projects, keep it here as we try to separate the credits from the bantha poodoo.

Of course, it’s pretty easy to stay on track with outlets like the above delving deep into the details.

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