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All Former Netflix/Marvel Shows Heading To Disney+ Next Month!

You might have seen a tweet floating around recently claiming that all of Netflix’s Marvel shows such as Daredevil, Luke Cage, and The Defenders miniseries were heading to Disney+ next month.

We’ve just confirmed that it is indeed real. The official e-mail with the bombshell announcement was sent this morning to Disney+ users in Canada. Beginning March 16th, all of the formerly Netflix Marvel shows will be available to stream at your leisure on Disney+.

We are aware that Disney+ in Canada is slightly different from Disney+ in the United States; for example, they have STAR in lieu of HULU. However, considering how most other Marvel content has made its made way onto the platform in America, it’d be surprising if the streaming platform didn’t inherit the titles in the states.

Just a few weeks ago it was revealed that all the titles would be leaving Netflix on March 1st, so the timing of the move is perfect.

It’s unclear if this means Disney or Marvel Studios is revisiting any of the shows or expanding on the original continuity. So far, we’ve only seen Matt Murdock and Kingpin return and they seem to be totally different iterations of the characters from the Netflix shows. Anything is possible though.

Aside from the major news in the release, you might also notice that an official synopsis for Moon Knight has finally been released as well. As previously announced, it will come out exactly two weeks later on the streamer on March 30th.

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