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New ‘Alien’ Film In Development From The Mind Of Fede Alvarez, Ridley Scott To Produce

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fede Alvarez, the mind behind 2013’s Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe, and more recently Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, will write and direct a brand new standalone Alien film for 20th Century Studios.

Unlike the original film and the last two, Ridley Scott will not helm this entry. He is, however, still coming back to produce it. Also unlike previous installments, this film is being developed specifically for Hulu. That’s not surprising considering what 20th Century Studios President Steve Asbell announced earlier this week about the streamer becoming a platform for more generally entertaining movies.

For those unfamiliar with the sci-fi horror films, they follow multiple groups of survivors as they try fight and survive against a race of acid-spitting aliens known as Xenomorphs.

Right now, it’s unclear if the planned film will be in the same continuity as the planned Alien series over at FX or if it will set it up. While little is know about Alvarez’s film, THR confirms that it will be “totally unconnected to the previous movies.” Since the last two entries were prequels, it’d be interested to see if he’s interested in exploring a sequel sans Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley.

Sources close to the site indicate that Alvarez pitched an idea to Ridley Scott years ago. While Scott rejected it, at first, it eventually stuck with him. Last year, Scott called the filmmaker back asking if he were still up to making it. Alvarez did not hesitate to say yes. The strength of the pitch alone is reportedly what made 20th Century give the project an instant green light.

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