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Tron Lightcycle Run in Testing

After years of development, the Lightcycles were seen on the track Saturday in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Just about a month ago, Imagineer Jerold Kaplan, Executive Ride Project Engineer for the Tron Lightcycle Run attraction, told YouTube viewers the next development phase is underway.

With the basic setup of the system complete, he told YouTube that Phase II is underway. That phase begins with “push-pull testing” (dragging the train around the track).

“It’s going to be completely visible to our guests,” said Kaplan. “Which is somewhat unique.”

A Unique Look

First reported by Attractions Magazine, that unique look comes thanks to DisQuick Sounds.

It did not look like anything was towing the train, nor were there any riders or weighted dummies (as shown in the Disney Parks video).

Nevertheless, the appearance of the Lightcycles signals that the project continues to progress.

Super Fun and Exciting

Tron Lightcycle Run
Artist’s concept. Image: Disney Parks.

“Working with the team is amazing,” said Nicole Infantes, Attractions Cast Member, about a month ago when Disney Park’s official YouTube page posted its latest update. “We are constantly trying new things each and every day. “You’re not sure what you’re going to be doing when you walk into work.

“It’s super fun and exciting.”

“Super fun and exciting” is the point of the ride itself, especially when you witness the on-ride video from Shanghai Disneyland’s version of the attraction.

But, there remains plenty of work to be done, as evidenced by Bioreconstruct on Twitter.

However, keep it here for all the latest from the Disney Parks. Including some up-close-and-personal exploration of Walt Disney World coming later this week.

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