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Tokyo Disneyland to Open New Tomorrowland Plaza & Rebuild ‘Space Mountain’

Space Mountain is a staple of the Disney parks, with five of the six Disneylands housing their iteration of the space-themed coaster, including Tokyo Disneyland.

The Tokyo Disneyland version opened with the park on April 15th 1983, and has gone through several refurbishments, but the popular attraction is set to receive its biggest refurbishment to date.

The Oriental Land Company has announced that Tokyo Disneyland’s Space Mountain will be demolished and completely rebuilt with “enhanced performance and immersive special effects that will give guests even more thrills.”

Tokyo’s Space Mountain as it currently stands.

Joining Space Mountain will be Tomorrowland Square, a new plaza which will reimagine the new Space Mountain area of Tomorrowland that will “express the connection between Earth and the universe, representing an image of a future where humans are in harmony with nature. Guests will be able to enjoy moments of rest and relaxation in this plaza where various icons and other design elements create a sense of hope for the future.” At night the square will feature a spectacle of light and sound.

The projected cost of the project (including new facilities in the surrounding area) is about 56 billion JPY (around $450 million/£355 million)

Space Mountain will close in 2024 and reopen with the new Tomorrowland plaza sometime in 2027.