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Kevin Feige Has Reportedly Provided Feedback To Sony About Its Spider-Verse

It’s no secret that Sony is trying to establish its own universe in the vein of the MCU with nothing but Spider-Man adjacent friends and foes; however, less than a handful have actually been good.

Considering the studio has confidently put several more projects in active development, it seems like its intention is to try and catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe rather than slowing down and listening to the reception of audiences and critics.

If you’re worried that the studio is getting ahead of itself, you’re not the only one. While Kevin Feige has traditionally (and rightly) offered his input on Marvel and Sony’s joint Spider-Man productions, it appears that he’s also spoken to the studio about its other Spider-Verse ventures too.

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According to The Ankler, even though Feige doesn’t make all the decisions when it comes to their Spider-Verse films he has a hand in “guiding Sony’s approach.”

As for whether the studio actually listens to him, The Direct points out that Sony’s 2014 email leaks exemplified a lot of Feige’s feedback. And the final product seemed to totally disregard them all.

While some might argue that Sony could absolutely choose to ignore Feige again, his words carry a bit more weight now because he’s sharing Spider-Man with them. And even though the studio still owns the rights, that connection is the lifeline for the rest of their extracurricular endeavors including El Muerto.

Let’s be real. Without the potential possibility of Tom Holland’s Spidey traversing both universes, their wannabe franchise would run out of web fluid.

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