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Insiders Say Taika Waititi’s Star Wars to Begin Filming in 2023

Taika Waititi speaking with ET at last years D23 Expo

THR’s Aaron Couch and Borys Kit cite multiple sources reporting Waititi’s Star Wars film to begin shooting next year….

Thanks to Thor: Love and Thunder, the words “Taika Waititi” are on the lips and monitors of nearly every film scribe.

But now, two trusted names from The Hollywood Reporter — Aaron Couch and Borys Kit — indicate that Waititi might have been overselling the slow pace of production on his Star Wars film.

In their weekly “Heat Vision” newsletter, the pair posted:


Taika’s Star Wars project may be coming your way sooner than some of his interviews let on. Multiple sources tell us that the project is eyeing an early 2023 start. God knows plans can shift with Lucasfilm, is the usual caveat, of course.

The Hollywood Reporter

Earlier this week, naysayers were naysaying as to how likely it would be that Waititi’s Star Wars project would even take flight.

However, you also heard here that fans need not worry about Taika’s treatment of a galaxy far, far away. He remains a jokester at heart.

Meanwhile, the above represents a step in the right direction for the much anticipated and gives everyone new hope as to the status of the next Star Wars film to hit the big screen.

By the way, Couch and Kit aren’t the only ones to hear tell of movement on the Waititi front. Yours truly had heard similar, but THR — a staple trade publication in Hollywood — citing multiple sources puts this more in the realm of responsibly reading between the lines.

Keep it here, of course. The Star Wars news mill seems poised to explode as we get closer and closer to Andor and D23.

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