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EXCLUSIVE: Robin de Jesús & Quentin Plair On Their Roles In ‘Welcome To Chippendales’ (Interview)

Today, the first two episodes of Welcome to Chippendales debuted on Hulu.

The series is the streamer’s latest limited series to be based on a a true story, following Pam & Tommy, The Dropout, and The Girl from Plainville, and tells the true story of Somen “Steve” Banerjee, the Indian-American entrepreneur who started Chippendales, as well as the insane, darkly comedic, crime-ridden story behind the unique male revue that became a cultural phenomenon.

Academy Award-nominee Kumail Nanjiani stars as Banerjee. He’s joined by Analeigh Ashford (Bad Education), Robin de Jesús (Tick, Tick, ….Boom!), Nicola Peltz Beckham (Transformers 4: Age of Extinction), Dan Stevens (Legion), Juliette Lewis (Yellowjackets), and Quentin Plair (Roswell, New Mexico).

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Now, earlier this month the DisInsider’s Editor-in-Chief Dempsey Pillot was fortunate enough to sit down with stars Robin de Jesús and Quentin Plair briefly and got the chance to ask them about their characters and what really attracted them to the (almost too insane to be true) story.

Surprisingly both actors knew very little about the actual story before signing on, but they each tell The DisInsider that learning about their respective characters is what ultimately excited them.

Plair says the role gave him an opportunity to play a role he had never been given the chance to play, particularly because of how the character “[deals] with discrimination and racism, but just in a completely different way.”

De Jesús, on the other hand, said that the role fulfilled his desire to do something “darker” than before and more “complex and meaty.”

You can listen to the entire interview down below!

…with Robin de Jesús & Quentin Plair On Tape

I speak with Welcome to Chippendales stars Robin de Jesús & Quentin Plair.
  1. …with Robin de Jesús & Quentin Plair
  2. …with Alua Arthur
  3. …with Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist
  4. …with Elsie Fisher and Amiah Miller
  5. …with Melanie Brook

New episodes of the limited series will drop every Tuesday exclusively on Hulu.

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