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Former ‘Incredible Hulk’ Edward Norton Discovers He’s Related To Real-Life Pocahontas

Well, this might just go down as the greatest crossover of all time…sort of.

Edward Norton is one of the best and brightest actor’s working today. In fact, many fans were disappointed when he had to step away from the role of Bruce Banner after starring in the MCU’s second-ever film The Incredible Hulk.

While he no longer has close ties to Marvel or Disney, he still has no problem finding work. Chances are you might have just seen him in Rian Johnson’s exciting new murder mystery Glass Onion too. But in a recent interview, the actor found out that he may be related to Disney in some other way, or at least one of the studio’s most iconic characters anyway.

While sitting down in a recent interview with literary critic, historian, and filmmaker Henry Louis Gates Jr. for his new PBS series Finding Your Roots, Norton discovered an insane fact about his family’s lineage. He learned that he’s actually related to the real Pocahontas! More specifically, Norton found out that the noble Native American leader is actually his 12th great-grandmother!

In a clip posted by Gates to his Twitter account earlier this week that has since gone viral, Norton appears to be in awe in of the discovery. He also seemed shocked a the fact that people back then kept such accurate records of their families.

“It makes you realize what a what a what a small piece of the whole human story you are,” he told Gates.

You can check out the full clip below!

And you can watch the full episode of Gates show, featuring the full interview with Norton on

SOURCE: Henry Louis Gates Jr. via PBS

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