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EXCLUSIVE: Disney Developing New Animated Musical Superhero Series With Latinx Lead

Imagine if Hannah Montana was a Marvel superhero. Well, maybe you don’t have to actually imagine it because Disney already has.

Between the success of Big City Greens, the hype surrounding the upcoming series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, and the recent revival of Phineas and Ferb, it feels as if Disney’s Television Animation division is on fire. And I use that word in particular because it seems to be a key element in DTVA’s next planned series.

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While still untitled, we at The DisInsider can exclusively confirm that Disney Television Animation is working on a brand new and original musical superhero series. That’s not all! We can also report that the series will specifically center on a Latina/x teen named Alejandra Fuentes with a South American heritage (Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, etc.).

A casting call that we’ve come across indicates that Disney is looking for bilingual (English/Spanish) teens and youthful sounding adults to audition.

The series’ log line is as follows:

Fourteen-year-old Alejandra Fuentes (Ale) is a starry-eyed musically gifted Latina eager to share her music with the world. This first generation American is balancing her Pop Star dreams with her South American parents’ expectations for her future – all while trying to stifle the unwelcome superpowers she’s had since birth. Superheroes commonly grapple with dual identities. Ale straddles three: model Miami high school student by day; viral social media Pop Star sensation “Blaze” by night; and reluctant superhero by, well…all the time.

Ale never wanted to live the superhero life. She created her incognito stage identity in order to perform on social media without her parents finding out…but when she’s spotted using her powers and word gets out that Miami has its own (¡Spanish speaking!) superhero, Ale has no choice but to step up in service of her community as super-hero/singer BLAZE. Eventually she will embrace this persona as an extension of her authentic self and step into her own power, finally giving herself permission to become both the badass superhero and superstar she was always meant to be.

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As you can read, we weren’t kidding about the comparison to Hannah Montana. Unlike the hit live-action series, the series will seemingly follow a young girl who balances three different lives and it will be animated, allowing the creators to do a lot more, well…creatively.

Now, we can also report that Ale’s alter ego, Blaze, will have the power of “sound conversion.” More specifically, she has the ability to absorb sound vibrations and transduce them into physical light particles. At first, this power manifests as small firework-like sparks, but she eventually learns to manipulate these into brilliant “light shows” when she performs. Blaze also has enhanced empath abilities so she can read the emotions of anyone around her.

Even though the plot of the series states that Ale is also a singer, it’s not entirely clear how much this show will lean into the musical genre, but we can confirm there will be a fair amount of singing throughout the show (the ability to sing was one other prerequisite for those audition).

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Nevertheless, as the log line implies, as Blaze, Ale becomes a beacon of hope and pride for her community. And we believe that having a series centering around such a unique character will inspire a whole new generation of young and Latinx viewers.

As of this time, it’s unclear whether the series is being primed for the Disney Channel or Disney+, but what we do know is that it is in its very early stages. After the titular role is cast and the pilot is created, we hope to hear more about the series.

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