Friday was Victoria Alonso’s last day at Marvel Studios. The news was exclusively reported on Monday by The Hollywood Reporter. While many thought that the departure was either mutual or Alonso’s sole decision, according to Variety apparently it was neither.

In a new report, the outlet claims that Alonso was fired. Sources familiar with the matter told the site that the decision was made by Disney Entertainment Co-Chairman Alan Bergman, whom the entirety of Marvel Studios reports to. Kevin Feige seemingly had nothing to do with the decision, but did not intervene either.

One insider at the studio claims that Alonso was completely blindsided by the decision, after a very public appearance at the Oscars just 8 days earlier.

The aftermath of her firing has brought forth conflicting reports of Alonso’s reputation at the company. Some claim that she was the reason VFX artists struggled and began to resent the studio, while others claimed Alonso “was the epitome of professional.”

Whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain. Marvel Studios is actively looking for a replacement. As Variety points out, it may take more than one person to fill Alonso’s nearly twenty years of experience and influence.

A representative for Alonso declined to provide comment for this story. Marvel Studios also had no comment.

SOURCE: Variety

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