Marvel Comics: March News Round-Up

March has come to an end and spring has sprung. And with new beginnings comes lots of comic book news. While we wait with bated breath for some of our most anticipated films from the Marvel universe, let’s take a look at what the comic book world has coming up. Here’s a roundup of all the comic news from March 2023. A little warning, there may be some spoilers ahead!

  • Guardian’s of the Galaxy Issue #1
  • Groot issue #1

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy are over. After a harrowing betrayal by one of their own, those who are left are trying to escape what befell their teammate. As Grootfall follows them, they have to face their past and find redemption. But what – or who – is Grootfall? Stick around for issue #3 to find out more about this mystery.

Like your Groot a little more cute and fierce? Then keep an eye out for his very own series coming May 2023. Find out more about Groot’s history, first fights, and the monstrous invasion that made Groot the hero we all know and love. 

Spider-Man #7
Cover for Spider-Man #7, on sale 5th April


We’re getting a whole lot of spidey-related comics this year, and our excitement can’t be contained!!

Let’s start with the special one-shot, Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Verse, which will be released on 12th April. This special one-shot will continue Marvel’s Voices tradition of spotlighting diverse talent and characters, brought to you by some of Marvel’s greatest creators, and some rising stars in the comic book world. If you’re a fan of the Spider-Verse and the vast array of characters it can offer, this one is definitely for you. 

Marvel Comics Variant Cover for Silk 2023
Silk #1 variant cover by Derrick Chew, coming 10th May 2023

With all of these Spider-Heroes to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start!! Well, how about dipping into an all-new miniseries for Silk? A fan favourite who is currently making waves in the Spider-Verse, it’ll be fun to see what’s in store for her in her new miniseries. 

Spider-Man #7, introducing Spider-Boy, on sale on 5th April.

A new spider hero will be swinging onto our pages on 5th April. One who will have new spider-powers, secret connections to the darker side of spider-history, and a fresh new story to get us all excited. Check out Spider-Man #7 for the introduction of the newest addition to the Spider-Family, Spider-Boy!

Not enough Spidey for you? Well, don’t worry, because the Spider-Verse is spreading, and some of our favourite heroes will be getting a web-slinging makeover. Starting on 3rd May, there’ll be 28 different variant covers to collect on some of Marvel’s hottest titles.

Summer of Symbiotes 2023 Comic Timeline

Summer of Symbiotes

  • Marvel Comics Extreme Venomverse

It’s the Summer of Symbiotes, and the Venomverse is back! This May sees the start of a special five-issue limited series, Extreme Venomverse, that will rock the boat for some of the most iconic symbiotic characters, as well as introduce a few new ones. All this leads to one final destination: Death of the Venomverse.

  • Marvel Comics Carnage Reigns Comic List

We all love Miles Morales. And what could be more fun than putting one of the most popular Spider-Heroes in incredible danger? An epic new crossover event will hit the stands this May, as Miles Morales goes head-to-head with none other than Carnage. Both of their respective series will clash in Carnage Reigns, with brutal battles, cool new upgrades, and so much more. 

  • Marvel Comics Hellfire Gala 2023
  • Marvel Comics Jean Grey design by Russell Dauterman
  • Marvel Comics Fall of X
  • Marvel Comics fall of X
  • Marvel Comics the Fall of X


Put on your finest outfits and get ready to party, because X-Men: Hellfire Gala is back again this year. On 26th July 2023, one of the most glamorous nights in Krakoa’s calendar will be hitting the stands in a giant one-shot. But what is supposed to be one of the greatest nights of the year will quickly turn to the worst, as this year’s Hellfire Gala sees the start of The Fall of X

The Fall of X sees all of Mutantkind – and the Marvel universe as a whole- face one of its toughest challenges yet, as the very fate of Krakoa is called into question. 

And for those of you who will be travelling to D23 this year, you can also take part in the most glamorous night of the Marvel universe. This year sees the first-ever real-life and in-person Hellfire Gala as part of the D23 celebrations. Head here for more information!

Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1, coming 16th June.

Things to look out for

Incredible Hulk #1, on sale 21st June.

Hulk is back, with a terrifying new run of Incredible Hulk. Issue #1 will be released on 21st June this year, and sees the strongest Avenger take on a horror-fuelled fight against some of the most horrifying monsters in the world. 

If you can’t wait until June, be sure to pick up Hulk Annual #1 in May for a little sneak peek into what’s in store for Bruce Banner and the Hulk. 

Loki #1 (of 4), on sale 7th June.

Do you miss Loki? Do you wish you could see more of him now that he’s no longer the God of Lies? Well never fear! Starting in June, the God of Stories will go up against some of the ancient weapons he created in his new limited series. As they end up scattered across the 10 realms, Loki has to track them all down before they cause more problems than we can possibly imagine. 

  • Marvel Comics Marvel’s Voices Pride
  • Marvel Comics Pride Event

This June will see the release of Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1. A one-shot celebration of LGBTQIA+ characters and creators will see exciting stories from some of our favourite characters, as well as some character introductions and lead-in stories. 

But that’s not all Pride month has to offer, as Marvel will be including a variety of Pride variant covers in both the Marvel and Star Wars universes. Check out some of the covers now!

George Pérez was a phenomenal artist who contributed some of the most iconic and enticing art to many comic books, not just Marvel titles. In honour of his legacy, Marvel will have a series of variant covers that will grace the covers of some of their biggest titles. Take a look at some of the covers coming later this year. 

Captain America: Cold War Omega #1, on sale 14th June.

Important Issues

Captain Marvel #50, on sale 7th June.

June will also see Kelly Thompson finish her heroic run as the writer for Captain Marvel. On 7th June, Captain Marvel #50 marks the end of an era for Earth’s Mightiest Hero in a double-sized issue

Marvel Comics Fantastic Four Wraparound Connecting Issue
Fantastic Four #7/#700, on sale 17th May & Fantastic Four #8 on sale 7th June.

The 17th of May sees the release of the 700th issue of Fantastic Four, and as you can imagine, there’s a special variant cover to celebrate. Artist Scott Koblish has created an incredible connecting wrap-around cover that will adorn the covers of Fantastic Four #7/700 in May, and Fantastic Four #8 in June, connecting a whole load of characters that have helped shape the history of Marvel’s first family.  

  • Marvel Comics Captain America: Cold War
  • Marvel Comics Captain America: Cold War

The comic book world is blessed with not one but TWO Captain Americas at this moment in time. Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson are taking different journeys in their respective series, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty and Captain America: Symbol of Truth. But coming on 12th April, we’ll get to see the Cap crossover comic that Marvel promises will be a ‘milestone chapter in Captain America’s 80-year legacy’, in Captain America: Cold War, so it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss!

  • Marvel Comics G.O.D.S
  • Marvel Comics G.O.D.S
  • Marvel Comics G.O.D.S
  • Marvel Comics G.O.D.S
  • Marvel Comics G.O.D.S
  • Marvel Comics G.O.D.S
  • Marvel Comics G.O.D.S
  • Marvel Comics G.O.D.S
  • Marvel Comics G.O.D.S
  • Marvel Comics G.O.D.S

Big Things to Come

Last year, Marvel announced a super secret series coming from Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti. While we got a glimpse of some artwork at NYCC, we didn’t have much more information. No, Marvel has announced that Hickman and Valerio have been working to shake up Marvel’s cosmic beings and reshape those behind the fabric of Marvel’s reality. Get ready for G.O.D.S, an epic story that will cross the boundaries of good and evil, science and magic, and shake the foundations of all we know in the Marvel universe. 

G.O.D.S will hit the stands in the autumn of 2023, but be sure to pick up Free Comic Book Day: Avengers/X-Men #1 for a special preview of what’s to come. 

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