Figment Unleashed: New Meet and Greet Begins Tonight at EPCOT

Brace yourselves, EPCOT enthusiasts, because your imagination is about to run wilder than ever before! In a magical twist that could only happen at the Happiest Place on Earth, Figment will start meeting guests tonight during “An Evening at EPCOT with D23” in the World Showcase. The beloved purple dragon will be in his regular meet and greet location tomorrow, September 10th at the Imagination! pavilion. The original announcement for the Figment meet and greet stated summer 2023, but we didn’t know exactly when.

For the uninitiated, Figment is the whimsical purple dragon who has captivated hearts since his debut at Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination attraction. He’s mischievous, he’s curious, and he’s about to become your new best friend at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Now, we all know that Disney never does anything halfway, and this Figment meet and greet is likely to be no exception. As you step into Figment’s world, prepare to be bombarded with a whirlwind of color and creativity. The meet and greet area carries a gorgeous blue background and has images of the Dream Mobile, which is piloted by the Dreamfinder from the original attraction in 1983. The Dream Mobile was removed from the attraction in 1998, but many fans of the ride (and the imagineers that worked on it) wish it would come back.

If you’d like some more facts on this loveable purple dragon, check out this post from Disney Parks Blog.

Now, here’s to hoping things get extra magical when you finally come face-to-face with Figment himself. This little purple rascal is known for his quick wit and hilarious antics, so hopefully Disney has prepared for some seriously side-splitting moments- even if it’s just some snappy one liners.

Don’t forget the array of Figment-themed merchandise. Get your hands on everything from Figment plushies to funky t-shirts and even a Figment-inspired Funko Pop! doll. It’s a Figment-fanatic’s dream come true, and your wallet won’t mind the extra workout when you see all the adorable swag on offer. Fans have always loved Figment merch and went crazy over the popcorn buckets themed after him earlier this year.

So, fellow dreamers and Disney lovers, start counting down the days until you get to experience the Figment meet and greet at Walt Disney World for yourself- because after today’s D23 announcement- the whimsical fellow is here and hopefully to stay!


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