RUMOR: Marvel Wants Oscar Winner Alfonso Cuarón To Direct ‘Secret Wars’

From the World of Wizardry to the MCU?

With the Hollywood strikes still going on, there’s been a scarcity of updates on all of the most high profile films including those at Marvel Studios. While there’s no telling how long the strikes will last, that hasn’t stopped even the smallest leaks and most absurd rumors from surfacing.

The latest rumor making its way around the web is that Marvel has finally locked eyes on a visionary to bring its Secret Wars film to life. According to industry insider Daniel RPK, it turns out the studio wants none other than Academy Award-winner Alfonso Cuarón. RPK revealed the news via Twitter this weekend.

For those who may not be familiar with Cuarón’s work, as RPK points out, he’s worked on films such as Gravity and Children of Men. Although those two films are lauded as modern sci-fi classics, in his decades-long career the director/writer/editor/cinematographer/etc. Cuarón has seriously never missed. From the tragic coming-of-age story A Little Princess to arguably the best film in the Harry Potter franchise (Prisoner of Azkaban) and even Netflix’s black-and-white cinematic masterclass Roma, Cuarón has always made movies that please critics and audiences alike. So it makes sense that Marvel might want someone like him to helm their next potential billion-dollar blockbuster.

Because there is no context to the tweet, it’s not entirely clear to what degree Marvel has engaged with the director. Have they just name-dropped him at internal meetings? Have they actually made him an offer? It’s for that reason we urge you to take this info with a grain of salt. We’re sure more details, if any, will surface when the strikes are in the rearview.

But what do you think about Cuarón’s name being thrown in the mix? Could you imagine what a Marvel film shot by him would look like? Sound off below!


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