Bad Bunny Confirms he is Out as El Muerto

Back in June, a report from Big Screen Leaks came out that Bad Bunny had exited Sony’s Spider-Verse flick, El Muerto. Today, the international superstar and his agent has confirmed the news.

El Muerto was removed from Sony’s release date early this summer before reports surfaced Bad Bunny exited the role, leaving many to believe the project itself was canned. Vanity Fair asked the Latin singer what happened, to which his agent simply replied, “next question.” Bad Bunny says, “I don’t know what to say,” calling the issue “delicate.” His agent then simply says with authority, “Obviously, it’s out.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the character, El Muerto is a supervillain in the Spider-Man series. Created by writer Peter David and artist Roger Cruz, El Muerto first appeared in “The Spectacular Spider-Man” #23 in 2005.

El Muerto’s real name is Juan Carlos Valdez, and he hails from Mexico. His origin story revolves around a tragic event during a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration, where he witnesses the murder of his uncle. This traumatic incident triggers his transformation into El Muerto, the “Day of the Dead” vigilante.

As El Muerto, Juan Carlos possesses enhanced strength, agility, and endurance. He wears a costume resembling a traditional Dia de los Muertos sugar skull mask and skeleton-themed attire. He also wields mystical powers related to the Day of the Dead, including the ability to communicate with the spirits of the deceased and control fire.

El Muerto’s initial appearance in the Spider-Man comics involves him battling the web-slinger due to a misunderstanding. However, the two eventually team up to take down a common enemy. While El Muerto hasn’t become one of Spider-Man’s most iconic foes, he adds a unique cultural perspective to the Marvel Universe and has made occasional appearances in various comic book storylines.

The film was Initially set for a January 12, 2024. The film was supposed to be helmed by Jonás Cuarón, the talented son of renowned filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón

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