‘Ashoka’ vs. Other Star Wars Shows: A New Analysis of Disney+ Viewership Trends

As Lucasfilm’s latest Star Wars series Ahsoka draws to a close, one organization has decided to analyze how popular the series is compared to every other Disney+ series in the franchise. The results might shock you.

In its first two weeks alone, the Rosario Dawson-led series outperformed the average TV show on every subscription service by a factor of 165 in terms of streaming and engagement. What does that mean exactly? If the average show available on subscription streaming services like Peacock, Amazon, or others, received 1,000 views and interactions in the first two weeks, Ahsoka garnered 165,000 views and interactions during the same period.

The data for streaming and engagement was recorded through the movie and TV show tracker Reelgood.

Compared to previous Star Wars spin-offs, Ahsoka ranked third, trailing sllightly behind Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor. Where Ahsoka had that 165 index score, the other two shows scored 236 and 198 respectively.

Keep in mind that was only in the first two weeks. With all the positive word of mouth going around, we’re sure that viewership and engagement for Ahsoka has only grown.

Interestingly enough, to date the show with the lowest performance is The Mandalorian. In its first two weeks it only outperformed shows other streaming services by a factor a 50. That obviously did not matter because viewership and engagement have only increased since.

To see how all the live-action Star Wars shows have fared, you can check out the graphic down below courtesy of Reelgood.

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