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Marvel Studios Reportedly Discussing Bringing Back Robert Downey Jr. & Scarlett Johansson

Marvel Studios is in some muddy waters at the moment. As Jonathan Majors legal issues loom, the studio is attempting to find ways to navigate through it all with two Avengers movies on the horizon.

According to Variety, there have been talks at Marvel Studios to bring back Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Scarlett Johansson as Black, both of whom were killed off in Avengers: Endgame, for a new Avengers movie. As of now, the studio hasn’t yet committed to the idea. The big hurdle would be pay, Downey Jr.’s upfront salary for Iron Man 3 was around $25 million.

While the trade didn’t specify which project they were referring it is easy to guess Avengers: Secret Wars as rumors have been swirling that the movie will look to bring in every Marvel hero from the MCU to the X-Men universe to Sony’s Spider-Verse. With the MCU now deep into the multiverse this could be an easy route for the studio to go.

While it is uncertain whether Downey and Johansson will return on screen, Johansson is still working with Marvel on a mystery Black Widow-related project, which she is producing. As of now, that project is just in the waiting period while SAG-AFTRA is ongoing.

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