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Disney+ Original Ideas For New Shows

Yesterday, my dear friend Jack Kendall, who runs popular Disney news YouTube channel, DSNY Newscast, released a new video highlighting Disney+. In the video, he shared some of his original ideas for new shows that service should take advantage of that expands upon Disney film and parks IP.

I got with Jack, and down below, we are going to rundown those shows and a brief synopsis that was completely made up by him.

A mock-up of the Disney+ user interface with the original show ideas from DSNY Newscast.

 Disney’s Main Street USA

Cities all across the nation are experiencing the spoils of the Guilded Age, while the citizens of small-town America struggle to realize the promise of a new century. That is until the conspicuously wealthy business owner, JK Rutherford, arrives in Landia, Missouri, and transforms this town’s destiny forever.

Disney’s Thunder Mesa

In the midst of the Gold Rush and the Westward Expansion, a prosperous mining town befalls a natural disaster that reveals the cursed history of this sacred location and unravels the fabric of the community.

Disney’s Foolish Mortals

In this anthology series, the Ghost Host presents each foolish mortal’s unique and lamentable tale of their untimely demise, before taking residence alongside 999 happy haunts within the infamous mansion.

Disney’s Redd Between The Tides

The golden age of piracy may be nearing its end, but for Scarlett “Redd” Gibson, her story is about to begin. Her life between the tides of Isla Tesoro and Tortuga will uncover her mysterious heritage and, along with it, the fate of the Pirates of the Caribbean.


Throughout the years, The Muppets have hosted a variety of hours, talk shows, and even taken Manhattan. However, now they will return to a home they’ve had for the past three decades, and take up a permanent residency inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

National Geographic presents Our Shared Spaceship Earth

Explore the extraordinary history of our shared journey through time and space onboard this Spaceship Earth. Traversing each era of discovery, this multi-part docuseries focuses on breakthroughs in communication, medicine, transportation, and technology that tell the story of human ingenuity.

Origin Story – A Toy Story Story

Uncover the toys “first-story,” “back-story,” and “origin story” in this anthology series by Pixar Animation Studios. That explores the toys’ lives before they were lovingly inscribed with Andy’s name and became part of the family.

What do you think of the ideas for all the shows? Let us know by voting in the poll below, and tell us what content you’d like to see come to Disney+.

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