RUMOUR: Aladdin: Live From the West End will Be on Disney+ by Spring 2021

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Aladdin opened at the Prince Edward Theatre on June 15th 2016 and became a modest success before eventually closing on August 24th 2019 in order to make way for a revival of Disney’s Mary Poppins.

Surprisingly, following Aladdin’s closing, the theatre did not go dark, and the sets were not dismantled. This was because a special performance had been scheduled in semi-secrecy, with a cast comprising of members from the London, New York, US Tour, and Australian productions.

The cast of Aladdin’s filmed performace. Source: Chris Lyne

The performance was specifically recorded for a future release as a Disney+ Original, joining other stage-recordings like Newsies, and Hamilton on the streaming service.

It was said that the recording was to be released in Q4 2020, December to be exact. As you probably noticed, not only does the musical remain unreleased, but it also remains unannounced by Disney. Since it’s unannounced, we can only speculate why it was delayed. Some have said that they’re simply saving it for 2021, while others have said that Disney wanted all of December’s attention to be on Soul and the final episodes of The Mandalorian.

An alleged leaked poster of Aladdin: The Broadway Musical. Source: Shaun Tossell

But I do bring some hope for eaguer fans out there. I’ve been told that Aladdin: Live From the West End will be available on Disney+ by April 2021. Of course, this is quite a vague timeline, and it might even be pushed back a little later when you consider that 2021’s second quarter doesn’t end until June, but sadly that’s as much information I currently have on the recording.

Keep your eye’s peeled on both The DisInsider and the official Disney accounts for an announcement because if this RUMOUR is true then we can expect some form of an announcement literally any day now.

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