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Disneyland Considering Time Specific Annual Passes and Daily Tickets

What if you could go to Disneyland at 25% capacity and also be able to pick your time you would like to go? Well, you might be able to do just that whenever the resort reopens. Disneyland is considering “day-parting” annual passes by time of day similar to the way the park offers convention attendees twilight tickets that are good for evening admission.

New Disneyland Resort Ken Potrock stated in a recent interview that passholders would be surveyed about new membership options.

“There’s nothing off the table as we begin to think about things that are important for people,” Potrock said. “Whether it’s the number of times that they visit on a product offering. Whether it’s when. Is it midweek or weekend? Is it morning or afternoon? Is it day-part oriented? It’s all of those kinds of things that we’re incredibly curious to hear back from the guests about.”

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Since no one at this time knows what the reopening guidelines from California will be, This is actually a pretty good idea for Disney. They have had special ticketed events in that have had the park close early and allow other guests to attend the special event. This would basically be the same idea, but would happen every day. If the parks open at 25 % this would be a great way to get as many guests as possible in the parks every single day. A similar day-parting strategy could be deployed with Disneyland’s upcoming membership program that would allow passholders to enter either of Disney’s Anaheim theme parks afternoon, 3 p.m., or 6 p.m.

There are still many questions about this idea. How much will it cost? What will the time frames look like? Do passholders take priority over day guests? Will there be a reservation system? We are hoping to get more and more answers moving forward. One thing for sure is the Disinsider will be here to help you get through it all. What are your thoughts on this idea of “day-parting” tickets?

Source: OC Register

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