Lucasfilm Will NOT Recast Cara Dune For ‘The Mandalorian’

It’s been less than a week since Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian; however it feels like a lot longer with all of the news that has developed as a result of the fallout.

Just yesterday it was revealed that Hasbro would no longer be producing action figures for the actress’ character Cara Dune, and now today THR has received official word from Lucasfilm that there are no current plans to recast the character. This decision, coming as a surprise, after insider sources close to the matter originally claimed that the studio did have plans to cast someone else in the role.

While Lucasfilm hasn’t directly said that Dune will be killed off, considering how integral she was to the series, it’d be strange to see the show go on without mentioning her or revisiting her arc unless she was dead.

Way before Carano was fired – and even before the backlash for her social media posts – she was actually being courted for her very own spin-off. In fact, THR also says that Disney had planned an entire segment featuring Carano where she was set to talk about her planned spin-off for Disney Investor Day. For obvious reasons though, that was scrapped.

Currently, Carano has a project in development with political conservative podcaster Ben Shapiro. She’ll likely never work on projects beyond that scope though because she’s essentially been blacklisted from Hollywood.

There have been some comparisons to Carano and Black Panther actress Letitia Wright, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director James Gunn. All three were all hired by Disney, made mistakes via social media, yet they have all faced varying degrees of scrutiny. The main difference between Carano and the other two though is that they atoned for their mistakes. In the aftermath of their respective scandals, Gunn apologized and Wright deleted her social media, while Carano just kept pushing the envelope unapologetically. Now, as a result, she’s become living proof that there’s only so far the galaxy far, far away will let you go and get away with.

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