Why I’m most excited for ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ remake

A little FYI for any and all Disney fans that might have just woken up after being in a deep sleep for the last fifteen years. Disney is going full-throttle with the live-action remakes that it is bolstering out to theaters and its respective streaming platform. 

There have been many great things about the live-action remakes that many people don’t understand or won’t appreciate until possibly years later. However, there is one live-action remake that I am particularly excited for.

The remake is Hunchback, which is set to be the remake for 1996’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The 1996 film revolved around a young, deformed man named Quasimodo who happens to be the monstrous spawn of gypsies attempting to enter Paris illegally. They are ambushed by Judge Claude Frollo and his men. However, a gypsy woman flees to a nearby cathedral with her baby child in hand hoping to seek sanctuary. Frollo catches up with her and grabs the child believing the baby to be stolen goods and ultimately killing the mother.

Frollo attempts to kill the child but is stopped by a priest and is guilt-tripped into raising the child naming him Quasimodo and trying his best to shone him from the world.

This was probably the first and only Disney movie to actually succeed in making me cry and I remember being an elementary school kid, who was terrified of how the hunchback looked. I later realized that Frollo was the real frightening one because of what he did to the gypsy race and attempted to eradicate them. 

I remember being in college in January 2019 and finding out the news that the ‘96 film was getting a remake and I was curious as to what the filmmakers were going to do with this film. Were they going to add darker elements from Victor Hugo’s source material? Would they change the ending to make it more in line with the ending of the book or the ‘96 film or, perhaps, the 1939 film with Charles Laughton?

When I heard Josh Gad was involved with the project, I immediately thought that that was perfect casting for the hunchback and being one of the darkest films in Disney’s pantheon, it just makes me wonder how they can adapt this for live-action and still keep a PG-13 rating or below. 

I want them to keep the same songs while doing something différent and also striving for something closer to the book. Hopefully, this remake can pull it off. I’ll watch it either way.

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