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Loki & Scarlet Witch Possibly Getting Their Own Series On Disney’s Streaming Service

In a recent exclusive courtesy of Varietyit is being reported that Disney’s streaming service will possibly have original Marvel content in the form of a new series featuring the characters of Scarlet Witch and Loki with Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen expected to reprise their roles. It is also being said that Kevin Feige who is chief creative head and President at Marvel Studios is going to be heavily involved in the production of these Marvel series.

In addition, the new series will also feature other popular characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who have yet to be featured in their own standalone films. Each series will reportedly have between six and eight episodes. Marvel Studios will produce the standalone series with Kevin Feige expected to have a high level of involvement. The service is expected to launch next fall.

With talk recently of Netflix possibly getting ready to pull some of their original Marvel content from their service, and with reports of The Defenders not being renewed for a season 2. It is highly possible Disney might take the content from Marvel Netflix and feature it on their own streaming service. With all this information regarding Marvel TV coming out this past week, it is a waiting game to see what content will or will not be available for the Disney streaming service, as well as Netflix.

However should Disney decide to take Netflix’s original Marvel content and release new and current seasons on their streaming service, alongside the supposed series featuring main MCU character’s Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). This could bridge the gap MCU fans have been waiting for, an acknowledgement and possibly cameos of Marvel TV characters to feature on the big screen. If somehow Disney can find a way to feature Charlie Cox’s Daredevil alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man or Vincent D’Onfrio’s Kingpin/Wilson Fisk to feature in a Spider-Man sequel could very well be a great possibility, and something this fan and writer would love to see come to fruition.

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