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EXCLUSIVE: Muppets Variety Shorts Coming To Disney+

Disney+ is five months away from its launch and has already announced an abundance of TV Shows and movies with more than 25 original series and 10 original films… including The Muppets!

It has been fours years since The Muppets were on television and after a report from SlashFilm of an original series from set to release in 2020 called Muppets Live Another Day, from Josh Gad. Now, we have learned that Disney+ is developing another Muppets program in the form of variety shorts!

These Muppets shorts will be an unscripted series featuring three different segments of a game show, a cooking show, and a talk show (featuring an unnamed muppet girlfriend, gee wonder who that could be?) and each segment will be no longer than ten minutes.


As of now, there is no release date for the shorts yet, but it is likely they will debut with the service this November, as production is set to begin June 9, with a quick shoot through June 18th!

Disney has attempted to reboot the Muppets a couple of times in recent years including two movies and a TV series, plus some popular live shows in London and Los Angeles, plus a new daily show in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Fans of these beloved characters, are you excited to see this iconic ensemble around on the platform? Then make sure you sign up for more updates on the Disney+ streaming service for movies and shows from The Muppets, Marvel, Star Wars, and so much more!

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