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Disney takes full ownership of Hulu

Disney+ will be released this year, but that won’t be Disney’s only online streaming presence. After striking a deal with Comcast, Disney will now have complete ownership over the Hulu platform.

Hulu was previously owned by four companies: Disney, Comcast, 21st Century Fox and Time Warner.  Earlier this year, Disney entered a deal for Fox’s assets, which included the company’s stake in Hulu. According to CNN, Time Warner agreed to sell its stake back to Hulu last month. Now, Comcast has entered a deal to sell the remaining ownership of Hulu to Disney. This means that Hulu will fully become an entity of Disney.

According to CNN, the deal will not be complete for at least another five years. However, Disney will begin having complete operation control of Hulu immediately.

It has not yet been reported how this will affect the launch of Disney+. Disney+ will be available beginning in November.


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