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Milton Quon, Disney Animator On ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Fantasia,’ Dies at 105

Just a few months shy of his 106th birthday, Milton Quon has been reported deceased of natural causes on June 18th. Quon was a Disney Animator who worked on fan-favorite classics such as Fantasia and Dumbo.

Quon was a child of Chinese immigrant parents, and along with working for The Walt Disney Studios, he became the first Chinese art director at a national advertising agency. Other than animating, he has played small roles in films such as Speed, The Cat Killers, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series.  Quon continued his art through exhibitions and teaching art at the Los Angeles Technical College. You can check out some of his later works, here.

Milton Quon is one of the last surviving members of Disney’s Golden Age of Animation, and he will forever be remembered for not only his contributions to animation but also for paving the way for other Asian American artists.

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  • It’s sad that we’re losing people who worked with Walt himself one by one. Thankfully, we still have Ruthie Tompson.

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