Ursula to host a brand-new show at Disneyland Paris this Halloween

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It looks like Paris is the place to be for Disney fun and frights this Halloween!

Disneyland Paris will be hosting several extra-special Halloween treats for European visitors this Fall – with special events planned from September 28 to November 3.

Here are some of the highlights that Disneyland Paris has revealed so far:

A New Show Starring Ursula

What’s a Disney Halloween party without some Disney Villains? The most exciting news to come out of the park’s press team (so far) is that this year park visitors will be treated to a new show hosted by none other than Ursula, the devilish sea witch herself! We’re dead (in a good way) already…

Celebrating Halloween with Mickey and Friends

Mickey and Minnie will be up to their mischievous tricks at Disneyland Paris this Halloween season, taking part in the “Mickey’s Halloween Party” cavalcade with Donald, his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, Daisy, the Three Little Pigs. Guests will also get to see “Mickey’s Illusion Manor” again, plus Mélanie Ravenswood in her wedding dress and the zombies from Phantom Manor.

Meet and greet with Maleficent!

Maleficent will take possession of the Sleeping Beauty Castle Courtyard (okay, now we’re dead), inviting the bravest of guests for a terrifying – but no doubt, magnificent – meet and greet. Her dragon-like wall of thorns will reach as far as the Sleeping Beauty Castle Theatre.

Disney Halloween Parties!

The Paris park will also be hosting two parties this Halloween – one on October 26, the other on October 31. Disneyland Paris will be open from 8pm to 2am on these select nights – oh, and the Disney Villains have totally taken over…

Source: Disneyland Paris Press News

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