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Kit Harrington To Star As Black Knight, Gemma Khan As Sersi In ‘The Eternals’

During the Walt Disney Studios panel at this year’s D23 Expo, Marvel confirms that Kit Harrington will take on the role of Black Knight in the upcoming The Eternals movie.

According to Fandom Entertainment, Gemma Chan will lead the group of heroes as Sersi with Kit Harington playing Dane Whitman, aka Black Knight.

The original Black Knight’s descendant and the supervillain Black Knight’s nephew, Dane Whitman inherited a mystical sword that carried a curse and took the Black Knight name to help restore honor, and has been a long-time member of the Avengers’ various incarnations. More on his character can be found here:

As for Sersi, the character is also a member of the Eternals and became legendary around 1,300 B.C., when the Greek hero Odysseus and his crew, fresh from the Trojan War, came to her island Aeaea. More on her character can be found here:

Chan was excited to finally share the news with her fans on Twitter, as seen below:


Stay tuned to hear more about the MCU’s new band of heroes. The Eternals is scheduled to be in theaters in 2020.

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