‘Rio’ and ‘Ice Age’ Spinoffs Reportedly In Early Development For Disney+

It looks like Disney may be taking some popular Blue Sky Studio franchises and exploring their stories a little deeper in the form of series.

According to Discussing Film, Disney/Fox are in early stages of development on spinoffs for both Ice Age and Rio for Disney+. The site reports that the Rio spinoff will focus on Nico and Pedro and that the Ice Age spinoff will focus on Buck.

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Jamie Foxx and Will.I.Am voiced Nico and Pedro respectively in both Rio films, while Simon Pegg voiced Buck in 3 of the Ice Age films including Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age: Continental Drift and Ice Age: Collision Course. It is unknown at this time if the actors will return for the series.

Disney+ is set to launch on November 12, 2019. The streamer will include original films including Lady and the Tramp, Noelle, Timmy Failure, Stargirl, other properties coming include Monsters At Work, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, The Mandalorian, not to mention all the other Marvel, Star Wars, docuseries, and more in active development.

Source: Discussing Film

1 thought on “‘Rio’ and ‘Ice Age’ Spinoffs Reportedly In Early Development For Disney+

  1. If this “Ice Age” spinoffs is dedicated to Buck the weasel, I hope so much that it will show how Buck found himself in the world of dinosaurs, what happened to him after his first meeting with Rudy as when he’s gone crazy, that there will be most of the music in the movie “Ice Age” of 2002:
    Opening Travel Music, Angered Rhinos, Humans / Diego, Going For Baby Tigers, Dodos, Fighting Over the Melons, Walking Through, Baby’s Wild Ride, Checking Out the Cave, Running From the Lava, Baby Walks, Tigers Try to Get Baby, Giving Back the Baby, Send Me On My Way;
    and that the series will also take place after the fifth “Ice Age” where we find the characters from this film as well as those of previous ones: the humans: the return of Nadia the mother of Roshan, Runar the father of Roshan, Roshan, the tigers with the teeth of saber: Zeke, Oscar, Lenny, maybe Soto having survived his wounds, the rhinos: Carl and Frank, the dodos, lazy: Jennifer and Rachel, the family of Sid: Zak, Marshall, Bertie, uncle Fungus, Milton, Sid’s father, Eunice, the mother of Sid; Mama Dino and her 3 babies, Roger, Gavin and Gertie, and Rudy (where there could be a similar fight to the t-rex and Blue vs. the indominus rex in Jurassic World but not only to but not least to jigsaw and bites) where the latter could end up catching and swallowing by Precious (like the catching mosasaur and killing the indominus rex in Jurassic World), and the worlds seen in the first Ice Age.

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