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Marvel’s Disney+ Series ‘Hawkeye’ To Start Production This September

There has been a lot of questions surrounding the status of Marvel Studios’ Disney+ series Hawkeye, as reports last month surfaced that the Jeremy Renner led series was put on hold and would miss its July start date.

Now, according to Murphy’s Multiverse, the studio has nailed a new start date, as they have learned production on the series has moved back two months to Septemeber, with a slim chance the series could be pushed back even further down the road but the studio is hoping to stick with the September start date.

This would mean that Hawkeye would start production after Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk, all of the series are in various stages of casting with production to take place primarily in Atlanta on all three series. Marvel Studios is hoping for a Fall 2021 release for Hawkeye.

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Mad Men scribe Jonathan Igla will be writing and executive producing the series, which focus on Barton (Renner) training another non-super-powered bow and arrow weirder, Kate Bishop, and how to be a superhero with no super-powers. Bumblebee star Hailee Steinfeld was the frontrunner for the role of Bishop, but insiders say the studio is on the hunt for a new actress, as Steinfeld may be locked in a non-compete contract with Apple for her starring role in their streaming service series, Dickinson.

Not much is known on the series at this time but reports earlier this week revealed that Clint’s brother Barney Barton aka Trickshot and the New York crime organization Tracksuit Mafia would make appearances. It is still unknown if any other Avengers or existing characters will make an appearance.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse

Via Marvel, this graphic excludes Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk, as it is unclear when those series will debut

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