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Exclusive: Live-Action ‘Rapunzel’ Movie In The Works At Disney

With Disney’s live-action reimaginings dominating the box office and Disney+, it comes as no surprise that we are hearing the studio is developing a live-action Rapunzel movie.

No word on if the film has any relation to any of the Tangled franchises such as the 2010 film, the Tangled Ever After Short (2012), The Disney Channel original Tangled Before Ever After (2017), and Tangled The Series (2017-).

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The studio is currently searching for a director to tackle the film that we hear is being made for a theatrical release, and not a Disney+ exclusive like Lady and the Tramp. If the project is related to the beloved Disney franchise, hopefully, we also receive a Eugene Fitzherbert aka Flynn Rider, and the villainous Mother Gothel. If the series is in relation to Tangled, who do you picture for this cast? Let us know!

was a hit with audiences and critics alike, would go on to make over $590 million at the worldwide box office, and would become the most successful Disney animated feature film since The Lion King in 1994, both financially and commercially. The film would also start a brand new movement for the Disney company in terms of aesthetics and marketability similar to how The Little Mermaid impacted the Disney Renaissance.
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