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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ S7E8 Recap/Review: ‘Together Again’

April 10, 2020Preston Moore

The final season of The Clone Wars is heating up on Disney+, and this week’s episode concludes the penultimate arc of the season while setting up for the big finale to come. There’s only three episodes left, and every episode of the past few weeks have built more and more tension as we approach the finale. It seems that finale has finally begun. Let’s dig in.



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This episode starts in the same place as last week’s did: Trace, Rafa and Ahsoka in the Pykes’ prison cell. The three argue for a bit, Rafa feeling betrayed by her sister taking Ahsoka’s side. Ahsoka says she has a plan, but says it’s best not to tell the sisters.

They’re taken to the Pykes’ leader, and Ahsoka tells him that he should send the Martez sisters to retrieve their spice, and if they don’t, she’ll tell him where their family is from. The Pykes think it’s deception, but send the sisters off anyway, believing they have no choice. The three unidentified Mandalorians from the last episode witness the sisters leaving.

Ahsoka is sent back to the prison cell, but uses the Force to escape immediately thereafter. She plants bombs in the Pykes’ facility and overhears the Pykes speaking to a hologram of Maul, who threatens to take over their operation. Ahsoka continues planting bombs and uses the transmission log to discover Maul is on Mandalore. While looking at the log, the Pykes recapture Ahsoka and discover that she’s a Jedi.

The Martezes return to Oba Diah, planning to steal spice from the Pykes to then trade it back for Ahsoka. While trying to steal the spice, but they’re busted by a manager on the platform. A fight ensues, and they escape with the spice and head to the throne room, where Ahsoka is being held.

Just as the Pykes are about to execute Ahsoka, the Martez sisters show up with the stolen spice. The Pykes reveal Ahsoka’s Jedi identity to the Martezes, who are shocked and upset. Before the three are executed, Ahsoka detonates the bombs she’s placed around the facility.

The trio escapes on the Silver Angel, chased by the Pykes. Ahsoka takes a few ships out and Trace pulls an impressive maneuver to take out the last one. As they leave the planet’s atmosphere, the Mandalorians follow in their own ship.

Ahsoka, Trace and Rafa return to Coruscant, the Martezes still taking in the news that Ahsoka is a Jedi. As they’re thanking her for saving them, Bo-Katan Kryze appears from the shadows. She removes her helmet and tells Ahsoka that the two of them have a common enemy in Maul, and walks away, giving Ahsoka five minutes to decide if she’ll join.

Ahsoka expresses to the Martezes that she’s afraid that this path may lead back to the Jedi, but goes with the Mandalorians, leaving her bike with the sisters “just in case.”


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While last week’s episode focused on character developments and setting up future story arcs, this week’s episode wraps up the Martez sisters’ arc and begins a new one that seems to be leading somewhere exciting. The classic, lighthearted Star Wars fun of this season may have reached its end, as we’ve reached the final three episodes, which promise to feature some dark moments.

Directed by Nathaniel Villanueva and written by Dave Filoni and Charles Murray, Together Again seems to mark the beginning of the end for The Clone Wars. The episode is mostly plot-focused, as opposed to last week’s character-focused episode. That said, the plot developments this week are integral to build toward the final three episodes.

Maul has taken over Mandalore and seems to be growing in power with his influence over the Pyke Syndicate. Bo-Katan Kryze has been a prominent character in both The Clone Wars and Rebels, and it’s nice to see her return. It’s unclear what her plan is to exact revenge on Maul, but since he defeated the splinter group Death Watch that she was a part of, she’s certain to hold some animosity.

With the return of Maul and the events of Revenge of the Sith looming, the future of The Clone Wars and Ahsoka’s story is grim. We know some events between the show and the film may overlap, and it’ll be interesting how that is executed. Will we see Order 66 through Rex and Ahsoka’s eyes? Will we see moments in the fall of Anakin Skywalker that we may have not seen before? Will Darth Vader, in his iconic armor, make an appearance? The next three weeks will tell.

Overall, this week’s episode of The Clone Wars was thoroughly entertaining throughout. It’s clear that there will be some major Star Wars events happening in the next three episodes. Together Again concluded the Martez sisters’ arc while planting all the right seeds for the finale, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.


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You can read our recap/review of last week’s episode, Dangerous Debt, here. Catch new episodes of The Clone Wars every Friday on Disney+, and make sure you check back here for all your Disney and Star Wars necessities.

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Preston Moore

NYU Journalism | @prestoncmoore | prestoncmoore.com


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    ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ S7E8 Recap/Review: ‘Together Again’

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