Taika Waititi Shares New Details and Concept Art For ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Today, Taika Waititi took to Instagram live for a Q&A and screening of Thor: Ragnarok, which went off the rails (in a good way). During the stream, the director shared new details for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Waititi started the live stream off by sharing new Thor: Love and Thunder concept art of Miek, who he confirmed is a female. Miek has a fresh new look which looks like he may be apart of some new battles alongside Thor, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Jane Foster aka Lady Thor (Natalie Portman), and Korg (voiced by Waititi), who Waititi also confirmed would be back with the possibility of exploring his origin.

Concept art for New Asgard was also shown. You can take a look at the art courtesy if The Direct, below.

Taika Waititi

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Taika Waititi addressed some widespread rumors by debunking the appearance of the Silver Surfer. Beta Ray Bill was also brought up, and Waititi admitted he was a fan of the character and said he is unsure if he will make his appearance, he also said he doesn’t know if Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will return. He also stayed pretty quiet when asked who Christian Bale would be playing, though we do know he is playing the villain of the film.

During the stream, Tessa Thompson made an appearance. Tessa asked about the direction of the film. Waititi shared that Love and Thunder ten times bigger than Ragnarok, and it felt like the film that was just a list of things a ten-year-old would ask for, and he’d said yes to everything. Waititi also teased the appearance of Space Sharks, or as fans of the comics know them better as “Starsharks.” For those unfamiliar with the Starsharks, they are shark-like creatures that live in space and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #162, so this could be the first appearance of X-Men characters in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They are known to be present, at least in the Pegasus System. Mark Ruffalo later joined Taika Waititi and seemingly teased the return of Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk.


Due to the Hollywood shutdown amid the coronavirus, it is unclear when Thor: Love and Thunder will kick off production. The film is set to hit theaters on Feb. 18, 2022.

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