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Shanghai Disneyland to Open on May 11th After Lengthy Shutdown.

Newly appointed CEO Bob Chapek on a Tuesday earnings call that the Disney company is targeting May 11th to reopen Shanghai Disneyland. Shanghai was the first of the 12 Disney parks to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chapek said the company is “evaluating a number of different scenarios to ensure a cautious, sensible and deliberate approach ” to reopening all of the parks.

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Disneyland Shanghai as a capacity of 80,000 guests. The Chinese government has capped  Disney to a 30% capacity at this time, which is 24,000 guests. Chapek stated that the park will open with a lower capacity than 24,000 and increase gradually. Shortly after Shangai closed, it was followed by all of the other parks in Asia. Followed by  Europe and finishing with the Domestic parks closing here in the United States in Mid March.

When the Disney parks closed in the United States, it was initially thought that they would open in mid-April. But the way the situation is changing daily, no one really knows when that may actually happen. What we do know is that the company that is loved by millions and millions of people will do all it can to ensure that they will provide a fun, welcoming, and, most importantly a safe place to return to.

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