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Disney Head of Streaming Services Stepping Down To Run TikTok

Kevin Mayer, The Walt Disney Company’s top streaming executive. He resigned Monday and said that he was taking a job as the chief executive at TikTok. TikTok has become immensely popular during the COVID 19  pandemic with its short video sharing platform. Mayer will become the chief operating officer at Bytedance. The company that owns TikTok. “I was happy with my job at Disney,” Mr. Mayer said by phone. “The magnitude of this opportunity was just something I couldn’t pass up.” He cited gaming and music as two expansion possibilities.

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Pictured Kevin Mayer an Rebecca Campbell

Mr. Mayer leaving does not come as a surprise in the entertainment world. He was passed over for the CEO Disney when Bob Iger stepped down out of the blue in February. Wall Street and Hollywood thought that Mayer was the logical replacement for Iger. The company decided to go with Bob Chapek as the new Ceo for Disney. Rebecca Campbell, the President of Disneyland in Anaheim, will take over as the head of Disney streaming services.

Source: New York Times

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