‘Love, Victor’ – Review: Binge It If You Can

Before we delve into my thoughts about this show, may I point out how terrible of a missed opportunity this is for Disney Plus?! I can’t help but think how monumental this show would’ve been if it was offered on a bigger streaming platform like Disney Plus. This is the show that Disney Plus needs right now! 

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“Love, Victor” is a Hulu original show inside the world of 2018 film “Love, Simon.” In Season 1, we are taken through the life of Victor (Michael Cimino) as he moves to a new city and starts in a new school, Creekwood High. The same school that Simon is also from. The best part is, the story is about how he finds himself, his true self as a teen boy who likes other teen boys. 

What I love about this show is the array of colorful characters we are introduced to! Felix (Anthony Turpel), the best boy, the best friend that everyone needs in their life Mia (Rachel Hilson), the lead girl that’s wanted and loved by the whole school. Lake (Bebe Wood), Mia’s best friend who needs to find worth within herself and not through likes. Andrew (Mason Gooding), the “bully” that’s actually a big softy. And last but definitely not the least, Benji (George Sear), the openly Gay student in Creekwood High School.

Not only do we continuously find ourselves in the walls of Creekwood High, we also have an equal amount of time getting to know Victor’s Family. We have Isabel (Ana Ortiz)  and Armando (James Martinez) who are also sorting things out as husband and wife, Pilar (Isabella Ferreira)  as Victor’s younger sister who is completely against everything about the move, and their sweet little brother Adrian (Mateo Fernandez) who seems to be a “ride or die” for their family that’s equally sassy and helpful. 

“Love, Victor” is the show we truly need right now. There’s so much heart, depth, and excellence throughout the show. I binged “Love, Victor” all in one sitting from when it was released until the middle of the night. I refused to sleep. No way something this good should be slept on. I feel absolutely bad for my neighbors because the screams of frustration echo in our apartment, the tangible tension between characters is unbearable, and the anticipation for “drama” to break through is a little too intense. You know deep down that it’s too good to be true for this to happen. 

They make it so easy for you to essentially fall in love with Victor. You root for him and you only want him to be happy. But that journey to happiness isn’t easy. Experiencing high school is already hard enough, but imagine figuring out your sexuality when you really think you like this girl, but you’re secretly crushing on this guy, but you really want this thing with the girl to work out. See?! It’s a messy tangled web that you want to be immersed in. You want to fight your way out but the guilty pleasure makes you succumb to the drama. The Simon-Universe is so fun because Victor is actually guided by Simon. He is seen as the “Gay Sherpa” through Victor’s eyes. It’s really fun how they tie both of their worlds together throughout the show. And if you love that, I can’t wait for you to hit Episode 8 then. 

Can we discuss more of the other characters though? They flesh them out so well! Almost everyone in this show has great character development that makes them much more relatable and favored. I thought Felix was going to be annoying, but I found myself in love with him. He is a great friend to Victor and an overall fantastic human being. Mia, she really goes through it emotionally. You’ll see. Lake’s story breaks your heart because everyone goes through something like that. Victor’s Family is also important here too. I appreciate that they tackle the consequences of certain family members. The characters are also very much self-aware of their actions whether good or bad. They acknowledge the way other shows do in their later seasons. That’s to be praised. I want to say more but I don’t want to spoil anything else for you. 

I want you to sit down and enjoy this. Watch it with your family if you can. Binge it if you can because it’s addicting to watch. You’ll feel a bunch of feelings from being overly happy to being so sad. You only want to play the next episode no matter what. It’s the best Gay rollercoaster you’ll ever be on. Every episode gets better and better and not a lot of shows can do that as well. I may be biased because I’m Gay. I really wish I had “Love, Victor” while I was in high school. And I also wished I had Victor in high school too.. But I’m happy that we have this now. We need this kind of show more than ever. I hope you love it as much as I do. Here’s to crossing our fingers and hoping for a Season 2!

Love, Francis Dominic

You can follow more of Francis Dominic’s thoughts & adventures here.  “Love, Victor” is streaming now on Hulu.

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