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The DisInsider Show – Episode Nine w/MasterTainment (Patreon Exclusive)

*Personal Advisory: contains strong language*
Hi guys! We have started a new podcast right here on Patreon. It features Editor-In-Chief Skyler Shuler and Co-Editor-In-Chief Derek Cornell. We will be talking ALOT of news that has come out this week and we are now introducing our “Rumor of the Week”.
In this week’s episode, we talk with the easter egger himself, MasterTainment! We get into his love of Marvel, comics, James Gunn, and a lot more! No new rumor this week, we’ll be back next week!
Executive produced by: Elliott Bullock II, Loren Javier, Adam Armstrong, Eric Nova, Brian Griebel, Ernesto Barreda, Spencer Wehry, Gico Chiu, Breanna Schaad, and Abi Stoshack.


New exclusive podcasts hosted by Editor-In-Chief Skyler Shuler and Co-Editor-In-Chief Derek Cornell. They will take a deep dive into the world of entertainment and will discuss upcoming films, television, exclusives and rumors surrounding the Walt Disney Company.

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