Is Disney Pushing Back The Release Of ‘Black Widow’?

With a lackluster performance at both the domestic and international box offices, I think it’s safe to say that the live action adaptation of Mulan has been far from a financial success. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to loom, the reliability of movie theaters in the near future also remains a question.

Whether or not Disney still plans to release the rest of its 2020 slate theatrically is unknown, or at least, it “was” until a recent finding by Murphy’s Multiverse. According to some of the site’s trusty sleuths, both of Disney’s British and French websites have removed the November 6th release date from Black Widow‘s promotional materials. The same thing was apparently done for Pixar’s upcoming film Soul. You can see screenshots their site took below.

Now, this information should be taken a grain of salt considering that there’s always a possibility it could mean nothing. However, as Murphy’s Multiverse points out, the release date of Mulan was similarly removed and replaced with the words “Coming Soon” right before it was announced that the film would be available via Premier Access on Disney+.

Just two days ago, Variety reported that multiple individuals with knowledge of the situation at least expected Black Widow to get pushed back, but now there seems to be actual proof that the company is planning something.

For as long as the film remains unreleased, anything can happen though, Just last week Warner Bros pushed back Wonder Woman 1984 to Christmas Day, after the film had already been expected to come out in two weeks on October 2. While no one knows for sure what the company’s next step is, one thing is certain: it can’t afford to make the Mulan mistake twice.

Sources: Murphy’s Multiverse, Variety

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